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Quick cleaning in emergencies

Sometimes you have to act quickly to imitate complete cleaning. If call you unexpectedly friends who want to come to see you, here’s how you can trick you’ve cleaned the room even before it was in shambles. Of course, there are professional companies, which offer very good cleaning services, including regular cleaning, one-off cleaning, carpet cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, etc.

Home office

Go vacuuming the surface and wipe the bottom shelves of cabinets with a towel.

– Collect belongings from his desk in a box that you can leave on top or hide inside the desk.

– Collect notes in folders on the bulletin board and put them in a desk drawer.

– Arrange the books on the shelves as they usually attract attention first when somebody entered the room.

– Put your mouse and computer keyboard in a drawer.

Kids room

Go vacuuming the surface, gather in the basket all the toys scattered on the floor and drop curtains in the room.

– Fix hastily beds and put pajamas under the pillow.

– Some of the things you can store in a plastic bag and hang inside the closet to hide them temporarily.

– Use air freshener to hide unpleasant odors around the table for change diapers.

Laundry Room

– Fold a few clean towels and put them on the counter in the room or on the dryer.

– Hide stained ironing board, cover it with a clean sheet or store it in the cupboard.collection-2018266_960_720

– Stow the unfolded laundry basket to fold it later and put the basket on the washing machine.

– Throw the dirty laundry in the washing machine or hide it  in the closet.


– Put scattered cosmetics in wicker basket that you can hide under the sink or in a cabinet.

– Put several new or laundered towels, which are contracted to roll them located on the cabinet or sink.

– You can hide the mess behind the curtain of the bathtub or shower, hoping that your guests will not peek behind her