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Why decorating with wood is a total must-do?

The technologies are getting better and better every day and remarkably many innovations can be observed in a world that was said to be at its limits. There is nothing impossible and we are striving for greatness, for better life, better cars, faster connections, more convenient flights. Admit it or not we are living globally. And this global life is something we pretty much like.

But in this world Click To Tweet,

where we are spending hours in the car every day travelling to work and back at home, where we are spending the nights before the TVs with phones in the one hand and laptops in the background, we are pretty dependent and let’s not say addicted. We forgot where we started. We are furnishing our homes fashionably. They are all white and colourful and the materials used are innovative just like anything else that surrounds us. The floor is made of such a material and so is the dining table and the kitchen cupboards.

But what we fail to ask ourselves is, is the new always better. Are we making the best choice by always relying on the trends and forgetting about the old time classics? Everything is temporary – the moods, the emotions, our life, but the cars and the phones, the clothes and the fashions. It will be all gone tomorrow. So while you are creating a home that you want to last, while you are furnishing it, think out of the box. Destroy the box, kill the trends and find what you will always love and that will make your house a cosy place for good. And in our case, ladies and gentlemen, that’s the wood.