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The top 3 habits that will transform your home

Your home is a mess and you know that, but the truth is that you simply cannot find a proper way to cope with this situation. You are working all week days from 8 to 5, you are travelling half an hour each way, you are picking the children from nursery, from kindergarten, from school, you are shopping, preparing dinner, decluttering, so that no one will fall in the morning and finally going to bed, truly exhausted, nervous and mad. How are you supposed to manage to maintain the household as well as doing everything else expected from you? At moments you are truly desperate, laying in your bed and crying over the million task you have, while your beloved one is giving you chocolate and trying to calm you down and in some other cases, you are getting so damn motivated that you are spending your entire weekend cleaning and on Monday morning you have a fully transformed house. However, the solution is hidden in the balance. The balance you should find by yourself. In the meantime here are the 3 habits that could make your home look perfect. And I promise, minimum efforts will be required.

Set rules

Is that a habit? Well, if you are not a strict person or you don’t like saying others what to do, this could be a challenge for you. But what you need to know is that this one will make your life so much easier that you would like to come and hug me at the end. In this house you are not living alone and as you are not a housewife, but a working mom, you have are too busy, as well. So you need to set strict rules. And everyone has to do what he is supposed to. Start with something casual like “everyone needs to take care of his own mess” and then be more concrete by distributing the tasks for the week: one is washing the dishes today, another one tomorrow and so on.

Clean as you go

Every time you notice something that is not ok, take care of it. A lot of people have their cleaning routines, which they perform in their days for cleaning and in the other time they could not be bothered with such a duty. This is so wrong that cannot be expressed. There is a stain on the carpet,

clean it now or you will have to hire one of the best London’s cleaners thereafter.


Becoming a neat person is indeed a matter of self-organizing. Any time when you are doing something try to prevent creating a mess, because otherwise you will waste more time, by having to clean it then. For instance, when you are cooking, be organized and clean. Start with preparing all your ingredients and while the meal or the bake is in the oven, wash the dishes, set the table. You are thus saving time and energy. And aren’t these two resources the most valuable?